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    Adrienne Stoudenmire
    September 17, 2020

    We selected Roof King to repair wind damage to our roof after the door to door salesman did a great job at covering over our options, clearly explaining the process, and efficiently handling our insurance claim. Buyer beware when it comes to scheduling and planning around installation day. You are required to leave your home on day of installation as they turn off the AC, and with working from home and having kids virtual learning this requires planning and juggling around the roofers schedule. Roof King was asked to confirm the start time of the job, which they did the day prior. Long story short, halfway through the day, no roofers had showed up and project manager/CEO disappeared. They asked to reschedule after wasting our time, and unfortunately blamed the roofing crew, storms, etc, instead of taking accountability for managing their own crew, and at a minimum communicating updates to us so we could update our plans appropriately. Roofers showed up later in the day and with no project manager in sight we had to send them home as we weren't allowing them to do half a job, with half a crew, more than halfway through the day, when it was planned to storm and rain the next few days. While the sales staff was responsive and courteous, the office was not sympathetic to our frustrations and said we would not be compensated for our "minor inconvenience." Project Manager and CEO never returned or communicated with us. We lost faith at that point and asked them to cancel the job so we could work with someone else. The office did quickly process our refund and is arranging for the supplies to be picked up from our driveway. Perhaps they would have done a fabulous job with the installation and they have other positive reviews...but when you manage subcontractors, you manage and own the whole process, and owe your clients clear communication and empathy at a minimum, especially for a service as important, expensive, and specialized as roof repair.

    Kaden Wilson
    February 12, 2021

    Had an onsite visit March 18, that went fine, and I signed for work to be done on April 6. This was a 1200ft replacement and I was told it would take 2 days. They never finished the job and I was eventually paid off after 4 months of shady business. I was told to prep for work at they would be there in two days, I did some chimney demo as we discussed and tarped it. They didnt show up or contact me for 10 days. When they finally showed up they began by ripping my tarp apart, nice. Then they told me that they couldnt actually perform the work quoted and so they would not give the warranty quoted. They said they would refund me $200 for this. Again said they'd be done tomorrow. They missed a few more days, came back and said they were done. They neglected to install gutters (just didnt do it), nailed through the face of vinyl siding (what a joke), neglected to replace fascias, left about 25 low nails on the roof, had nails coming through the drip edges, gutter supports not attached to anything, roofed over old supports, large holes in fascias, killed a bush in the yard that they tarped over and then heaved the entire old roof onto, crushing it. They had not picked up any old nails, I found over 100 without even using a magnet. They tried to deny some of these issues were their fault, luckily I had proof. They repeatedly set up appointments and never showed up, and even claimed they had finished the job and tried to bill me a few times without even coming out or doing anything. This went on for months. Finally July 20, in the end I was left with a mostly OK job, with incorrect fascias, a mismatched piece of siding that they destroyed and "couldnt find anywhere" (available at Lowes), and a horribly done rubber roof job ( they glued rubber sheeting OVER vinyl siding!!!) and they gave me a discount which I regretfully took because of how I was being impacted by Covid. Absolutely terrible experience with these guys. Photos attached are just some from their 'finished' job

    Richard Sheen
    June 03, 2020

    I own several properties in Raleigh. We needed work done after a storm. My property manager recommended Roof Kings, and I am glad she did. Johnathan and his team were extremely professional and their work was outstanding.  They were always on time and the clean up was impeccable. I’m really happy with the result, we will definitely use Roof Kings again. Thanks again guys! - Richard

    Glenn Guthrie
    July 06, 2020

    I'm not the easiest person to make completely happy when you do anything for me. I'm not difficult, but I do expect people to do their job & do it right. I have to tell you that during the entire experience with RoofKing I was not once disappointed! They were the most thorough & attentive group to work with. I say "Group" because it was a definite team effort. From the first to the last interaction I was never left with any question or doubt of what was going on, or next part of the process. The workmanship was top notch, follow ups & correspondence went without me having to be the one initiating any of them. Great customer service, install crew, salesman & management. Please don't ever change, I will be referring people your way! So worth the money I invested to have my roof redone. Thanks for the painless experience!

    Brian Gentile
    September 25, 2020

    Excellent customer service with knowledge representatives whom communicate and keep you informed. We have loads of neighborhood kids who play in our yard. I was extremely nervous about a child getting injured by left over nails or debris. Roof King did a painstaking job of cleaning and removing any nails or debris. Also, fluid process from start to finish.

    Roof King | Roofing Contractor

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