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    Beth Dittman
    May 21, 2023

    Ready Roofing was incredibly responsive and helpful after we had roof damage from wind. They came out immediately to assess the damage and mitigate the worst of it so that there wouldn't be further damage while waiting for insurance to approve the repairs. Mike and his staff worked closely with us to submit the necessary documentation to insurance in order to replace the roof, and once insurance approved, Mike's crew was out quickly to get the work done. Whenever we had questions, Mike was was available to help us out. We love our new roof!

    Jennifer Spragins
    May 10, 2023

    Marty at Ready Roofing Company was with us every step of the way when we needed to replace our roof due to storm damage. Marty made us feel comfortable and taken care of through the entire process. When he came out to look at the roof, he took the time to talk us through the details of what needed specific attention, how the company would support us during the insurance process and how and when his team would complete the work. Marty and Ready Roofing were incredibly responsive to my questions at all times. I could not be happier with the service and quality of work Marty and the Ready Roofing team provided.

    Jackson Szeto
    December 09, 2021

    Mike and his team was absolutely great in providing what I was asking for, but also great recommendations for things that will help me in the future. I was originally thinking I will just replace half of my roof before our solar installation. Mike was able to assess the roof and turns out it was worth having my insurance cover it as it's beyond what a repair can do. The team at Ready Roofing were great in keeping my schedule up to date, they helped me manage my expectations. My wife and I both work from home and we were able to plan for the day while the install happened. The install itself took a little bit longer than I've anticipated, but it was still done on the same day like Mike had mentioned, and project manager David came back the next day to do a final check. The whole team at Ready Roofing were highly professional, and a pleasure to work with.

    Tom Wheeler
    August 28, 2022

    In late June we contacted Ready Roofing Company to repair a leak around a vent in our roof. We had previously had another company out to repair this leak and after charging us a considerable amount to simply apply roofing tar around the vent, the vent still leaked. Tim, a Ready Roofing Sales person, came out and did a detailed inspection of our roof. Our home is a split level 48 year old home. We last installed a new roof about 20 years ago. Tim found several places where the soffit around our roof had rotted and needed to be repaired. He did not urge us to replace the roof stating that it was "in pretty good shape". However, we decided that the best way to avoid future problems was to have a new roof installed, and Tim, in a few days, provided us with a detailed written quote for both the repair work to the soffit and the installation of the new roof. We paid the deposit and a date was provided for the work to be done. Ready Roofing came out on this date and in two days removed our old roof and installed the new roof. In spite of the summer sun the crew worked hard and efficiently to get the installation done in the shortest time possible. I should add that Ready Roofing also sent a crew out before the roof installation who repaired several places on our soffit and elsewhere that rotten wood was found. This repair work was done at a very reasonable cost and a beautiful clean job was done to match the existing paint and appearance of our home. About two weeks after our roof installation, we had a very hard and sustained downpour and noted that some water had leaked into the ceiling of our family room causing stains in two areas. I contacted Tim, and Ready Roofing sent a quality control expert out to inspect our roof and he determined that the leaks were probably coming in where the chimney met the roof and that a roof cricket needed to be installed to deflect the water to the sides of our chimney. Ready Roofing sent a crew out promptly to install the cricket. However, another hard rain showed that we were still having a leak into the ceiling of our family room. Again, I contacted Tim and he arranged for Ready Roofing to send a technician out to determine and resolve the cause of the leak. The technician came promptly and discovered and resolved the leak that had occurred. In the process of doing this the technician also found a small section of rotted siding under the eve of the split level where the main roof meets the secondary roof. Ready Roofing again sent a repair person. out who replaced this rotted siding with new material and painted it to match our home. Ready Roofing then sent a painter out to seal the ceiling of our family room and he painted the entire ceiling after sealing it. My wife and I have been very very pleased with Ready Roofing. They responded promptly each time we called them with a problem. The cost of the work done was reasonable and the quality of the work and materials used was first rate. I highly recommend them.

    Larry Williams
    August 30, 2022

    Excellent Company, completed massive repairs inflicted by a hail storm. There task was extremely difficult due to the configuration of my home and the various unique repairs that was required. Rate this company five stars and would recommend to anyone needing a reliable Roofing Company.

    Ready Roofing Company

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    1685 Old U.S. Hwy 70 W, Clayton, NC 27520, USA

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