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    At our new-age laundromats, we have set out to change the laundry experience for our clients in a safe, clean, and stylish setting. We want to take make self-service laundry a hassle-free and comfortable experience for you. With our innovative Speed Queen App, we have made our self-service laundry service even better. You can now make easy payments from your tablet or smartphone and receive notifications on the availability of a washer or the progress of your laundry. We also have a payment kiosk at the stores where you can pay with your card or coins.

    JoAnna Anderson
    May 06, 2024

    Super clean, super convenient! The washers are a bit expensive but I don’t mind paying for the peace at this place. The dryers actually dry your clothes within the allotted time. Using the app to pay and manage your loads is very easy and helpful. I highly recommend this laundromat!

    Sara Faisal
    February 20, 2024

    I’ve used this location since it was first installed. I even met the owners/original managers in the suit guy. This was a couple years ago. I’ve used it regularly once to twice a week since September/ October, and I was a regular customer that’s self served as well. Use the wash dry fold. I understand a lot of things about wash dry fold like if it was in there before a certain time with that day, it was going to be given to you before the end of the day for pick up and if you didn’t pick it up, then it’ll be ready for the next day. I I did this more than I can count on Sundays, mind you I am aware of the kiosk system that does not provide change back so you have to provide exact change or forfeit your change unless you’re signed in to your account. I’m also aware at the service desk they have the ability to do both pay allow to be paid for for wash dry fold as well the additional can be payment like the kiosk, I became very close friends with a manager, and because sometimes there was delays she would apologize and explain why so I became very familiar with what they had to do and I would’ve heard the delay was fine. We never had any problems, but with the change over in management, I would say I personally seen things that didn’t make sense from their previous services. I am finally writing a review because I decided to just remove my clothes from the washer and leave today. I came in to do a wash dry fold, at four, which is more than enough time for pick up by closing at 10. I was told it would not be ready today, and I would have to only pick them up tomorrow, actually, they never stated if it would be ready the same day ever but just the next day when I know full well that there’s plenty of time to handle clothes during those hours. (Okay fine I’ll services myself) It should be noted if I’m being told it can’t be ready today. Then you have a lot of clothes to do, because if not, there’s no reason why it’s not ready today. So I proceeded to prepare my laundry. Upon realization I did not have a 10 bill for it but only a 20 I asked the desk because they receive payments for wash dry fold up front. I was told they cannot provide change, and I would have to leave the premises with my clothes already in a washer to go get change. Or I would be forced to forfeit a $10 bill to the machine. I do not want to use the app because I want to keep my cash. At this point, the suggestion of leaving the property with my stuff here was just ridiculous at this point. If you’re doing a wash, dry fold, and you’re expecting it to be a cut off time then it should also be advertised why it would be picked up the next day because there’s nothing on the website or premises that alludes to a mandatory next day pick up. And I have personally use the services before this management and I personally know that the previous manager went above and beyond not just for me, but for every person that did wash dry fold. The actively inquired if they needed to be done for today or tomorrow, and they prioritize pick ups for today. I’m not overtly hating on this establishment what is the first time that guy pulled out my laundry and just went home because I was just done. I really wish the previous manager would come back, because not only me, but majority of the customers appreciated her quality of care and service, and I was personally saddened to not see her anymore. I think management should easily be able to provide change like every other laundromat location that offers this if you’re not going to provide change or break bills from your register, install a change device. I don’t know if I’ll return I’ll rather go somewhere else because I’m just so annoyed.

    Juanita Mitchell
    May 22, 2024

    This Laundry facility. Family friendly and easy to use. I love it how they give you Speed Queen rewards when you first sign up for free watch. It's always clean. And have a customer service representative to help.

    Covington Investment Group
    January 30, 2024

    Leticia gave such phenomenal customer service during my experience. I am very much pleased! She deserves a high raise!

    Dawn Painter
    February 08, 2024

    Very clean and attendants cleaned throughout the time I was here. Very affordable. Will continue to come here!

    Laundry Unlimited

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    2402 Coliseum Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27406, USA

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