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Cold War Concealment
October 02, 2020

Great all the way around!! From my routine cleanings to getting a tooth rebuilt with a crown I know I get GREAT care from Dr. Oliver and his entire staff, especially my hygienist Brandi. I drive across 3 counties to see them, who knows how many dentist's I pass to get there but it's worth it!

April 22, 2020

Very happy with customer service and very informative!!! Dr. Minor is very sweet and made sure to consider all possibilities of pain. I appreciate how she explained everything to me. Brandi is very sweet and pleasant as well. Made feel comfortable! Amanda has a beautiful smile and very friendly. Makes you feel welcome as soon as you come in. It shows that everyone there works as a team as Brandi and Dr. Minor both explained possibilities of pain. I appreciate their honesty

Greg Squires
October 07, 2020

Poor communication through and through, Unprofessional. My appointment was made for 8am 9/11, they send numerous texts and automated reminders noting "to arrive 15mins early". They don't even unlock the door till 8am. So I already was fed up. I'm then brought to the counter to check-in, take a pic and fill out forms. As they hand me the forms, I'm brought back to an examination chair in the middle of filling out my paperwork. I try to finish my forms, the tech asks me to put them to the side, so she can do X-rays. She finishes, I go back to the forms, then the Dentist comes in and berates me for not filling out information as she reviews it, when I've had to explain to her 3 times, "I didn't get to finish". So questionnaire done and filled out by the dentist, they shift me over to get x-rays by the hygienist who does a great job! I get a cleaning by the hygienist and an explanation on my x-rays from my Dentist. I just came in for one tooth extraction, but wisdom teeth are a concern. So I feel confident in their advice to have them all removed. I actually begin to feel good about this Dental office and ignore issues from earlier. On my wrap-up, I'm told they will forward my referral and ASKED ME do I want the Oral Surgeon to do a consultation, to also talk about a filler tooth to prevent top teeth from growing down, not explaining this OUTSIDE group has a $240 fee for consultations. I agreed, went to the front and was only given a receipt of what services I had received and told if anything my insurance doesn't cover they'll bill and to have a good day. I wait weeks with no phone call from the Oral Surgeon, assuming that covid has slowed appointments and called JM Oliver Office on 10/7. The staff member on the phone tells me, that they DO NOT give clients receipts and it was MY duty to reach out to the oral surgeon. But she can email my referral to the oral surgeon. I was never given any documentation to take or even a CONTACT for this referral. The staff member emails my info and I asked for a copy to my personal email. 5 mins after the call, the oral surgeon's office calls me and set an appointment for my visit and it is then I'm informed of a $240 consultation fee, that may not be covered by my insurance. It seems that if the referral would've taken place at the time of my visit as I was told it would, I'd have already been seen and had this tooth extracted. But if it was my job to deal with my referral, there would be no reason to ask me prior, if I'd want a consultation setup with the oral surgeon and provide me with no name or contact. Not going back to this office, waited 2 weeks for the initial appointment when I called about mild tooth pain, waited a month to be told it's my fault AND I still got a tooth that needs to go.

paiga jones
June 03, 2020

Very unprofessional. Lead me to have to leave without being seen due to lack of communication on their end. When I called to make an appointment a lot of things were left out that should’ve been told to a patient !

Sharon Osteen
August 09, 2020

I paid cash about three years ago for a filling. The filling has come out> What do I need to do,

J. Mark Oliver DDS PA

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2621 New Walkertown Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA

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