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    Alison R
    August 05, 2022

    Dr Mooring has a very soothing demeanor and really makes you feel comfortable. Everyone at the office is very nice. Going to the dentist sucks but if you have a good team taking care of you it makes 100% of a difference! Glad I found Dental Works!

    November 29, 2022

    Clean offices, very kind and gentle doctors and staff. Went in for my second appt. had two teeth pulled Thursday. The first tooth healed quickly. The wisdom tooth took about three weeks. I went back a few times due to pain. They were so nice and kind to me. I know I was getting on their last nerves! Great dentist and staff. Very caring and very professional. I would recommend them anytime!!!

    Kain Wright
    August 30, 2022

    tl;dr of this review: i always have a minor reaction to novocaine that was ignored despite informing the dentist, and was eventually completely barred from being seen or worked on because it was seen as severe anxiety (was not this). point blank: i do not recommend this place if you have anxiety around dentists. at first, it seemed nice- if you're worried about the dentists ability, i found he was very capable and i have no complaints there, he did great work and i wont lower my score anymore because of this. but the bedside manner of the nurses made me incredibly nervous and overall they had a tendency to be oddly rude towards me- i was treated it like it was my fault for not being sure what the best course of action for a tooth when i hadn't spoken to the dentist about any options i had. my main complaint is this: i have a reaction to the epinephrine in novocaine, and it causes me to tremble uncontrollably for about 5 minutes after it's administered. i informed them of this when calling in the appointment, when filling out my forms, when speaking with the nurse, and right before it was injected. they thought i was trembling from fear, despite me telling them as it started what it was. they now refuse to see me, and they wont even take me into the waiting room, as apparently i need to be under sedation and they do not offer that. i called in an emergency appointment later because of severe tooth pain, and they took the appointment, then turned me away at the door because i was "not their patient anymore" and they wouldnt see me because of my anxiety being too bad for the dentist to work with. i wouldnt recommend, but if you need a place to go that has decent appointments and work in a pinch, they will suffice.

    Juan Mota
    November 06, 2022

    I had a deep cleaning done an she was supposed to numb instead gave me a partial numbing an I felt every bit of it an at the end she says oh you took that like a champ acknowledging that she knew she was hurting me. Then I go to my appointment on the 3rd for my 2 fillings that need to be done, and she proceeds to tell me that I'm not even in the system for that just a polishing, but the Dentist himself told me that's what I'd be there for on the 3! So when I checked out last time I paid the front desk lady which she went ahead an scheduled my appointment then, the whole reason I was back on the 3!!!! I was so irritated bc I took off that day, I got up an left there are too many dentist in Winston Salem for this poor service.

    Kathy Hemrick
    October 21, 2022

    I had a toot that was broken to the gum. It was cutting my cheek. Dr Mooring made sure my tooth was completely numb. I would recommend him to anyone that is afraid of dentist. He put me at ease.

    DentalWorks Winston Salem

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    3210 Silas Creek Pkwy #4, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, USA

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