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    Tina Judd
    December 12, 2023

    I had an excruciating toothache and went to the closest dentist office I could find. They welcomed me without an appointment and made me feel very comfortable immediately. They were so very warm and compassionate. I told them about my past experiences with another local dentist and how they tried to make me have root canals that I did not want or need, instead of just pulling the teeth, and that was why I stopped going. They told me it's my money and my teeth and ultimately the course we would take would be my decision. They said they would access the situation, thoroughly explain all diagnosis, treatment, cost options and consequences and suggest a treatment plan but would not force me into anything that I didn't want to do. Music to my ears and wallet! I left feeling very well informed of what was going on and why and I have an appointment next week to start taking care of my issues. They've just acquired a patient for life. Left immediately and started singing their praises to friends and family. Thank you so much Dentalworks. You guys are truly amazing!

    Denise Jones
    February 16, 2024

    I always enjoy my visit there. The staff is very nice and professional. Dr. Mooring is an excellent dentist. I would recommend anyone who's looking for dentist to come there. I been going there myself for a good many years.

    Hagop Nassarian
    February 06, 2024

    I had the worst experience in my life with any doctor that I ever been. He threatened me. He called me names. He took my car keys, he threw it outside. He kept calling me names over and over again. I told them I'm gonna call the cop. Just give me my money and I'll leave l. He said I'm not gonna give you your money back. I went in with a broken 2 front teeth of my top dentures. I was quoted different amounts for repair, and a half and full new set. They said the new ones would take a month to get back. So I was willing to pay $610 to fix teeth I wasn't going to keep, so I can wait for new ones at a cost of $5,229.00. The doctor told me, no problem, we can fix them and will have them back first thing in the morning next day. I paid the $610.00 and left my teeth for them to fix. When I came back for my appointment next day at 11am, they made me wait till 11:30, and then said we're sorry we can't fix them. They gave me back the same teeth in the exact same condition. They appeared as if they were never even sent to the lab at all. No tag, nothing. I asked to talk to the doctor, and when he came out to talk to me, I confronted him. I said doc you told me you could fix these and you'd have them ready next day. So when I confronted him and told him you didn't tell me the truth, and I wanted my money back. He told the secretary 'Tell that stupid man, that he's not going to get his money back. That's when he attacked me with his cussing filthy mouth. And he lost control. I will never go back to this place with this evil doctor. Filthy mouth like him. He kept attacking me. He kept using the F-word like a sailor. Because he humiliated me so bad with his screaming cuss words in front of everyone in the reception area and waiting room, I shook my feet, and I told him I'm going to turn you to the Lord, , because I believe that the devil was standing in front of me with his fury and evil words. And may God listen to my words. I didn't do anything wrong. He has to ask me to forgive him and pay me my money back. And I have witnesses. This man there's definitely something wrong with him if he doesn't get his way. I am going to call my attorney. I should've never trusted him and paid him the $610. What a crook and a big liar!

    Bri Boggs
    September 05, 2023

    Haven’t been to the dentist in far longer than I should admit, but they were so kind and helpful. Super upfront with all information (including pricing) and got me set up on a treatment plan. I felt no judgment and a lot of anxiety typically associated with the dentist was taken away.

    September 06, 2023

    The owner and customer service experience here was awful. On my appointment date i waited 30 minutes because all of their front desk receptionist had quit, so finally I was greeted by a dental hygienist who was trying to do both jobs. They attempted to charge me $50 for missing my next appointment considering it a No Call/ No Show although I made many phone calls and even left a voicemail 24 hours stating why I needed to reschedule. I was very disappointed with the staff and how unprofessional they were over the phone so I made a complaint to their home office. After making the complaint the doctor said he no longer feels comfortable working with me because of my “dental anxiety” so they refunded me only for the work they had not done, but he was just upset that I had made a complaint. I would never recommend going into that establishment.

    DentalWorks Winston Salem

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    3210 Silas Creek Pkwy #4, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, USA

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