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    Heather Totty-Werner
    May 22, 2023

    Covenant installed our roof July 2021 and they did an excellent job. Unfortunately this past October we had a section of shingles dislodge under a bedroom window and the team quickly addressed it. On May 2nd we have had another section of shingles dislodge over our garage. We are having a hard time getting the warranty group leader David to respond and have had 2 no show repair appointments. Not sure what has changed within the company but it is disappointing. Update May 22: Friday evening we were contacted by Shannon Powell who wanted to ensure we were taken care of. Monday morning he called to confirm his arrival between 11 and 12. By 12:15 his technician had replaced the loose shingle and checked the rest of the front horizon. Shannon made good on his word and reaffirmed the accountability we had previously experienced with Covenant Roofing. Thank you Shannon!

    Sam D
    April 16, 2023

    Matt Sears provided A+ service as the project manager for the replacement of our roof that was in desperate need of repair as soon as we closed on the house. He had everything lined up to go the Monday after we closed on Friday. The two layers of shingles were removed, cleaned up and loaded to haul away, an old unused furnace chimney that had been leaking badly down into the center of the house was removed and the new architectural Shingles, ridge vents, and all new flashing for the main fireplace chimney were finished before 4:00 pm on that Monday. Covenant also installed a chimney cap in a metal color that complemented the shingle roof. I recommend getting a quote. Matt was professional, responsive, and made sure things were done as we had agreed. I did not expect a roofing experience to be this outstanding. He earned my respect just as he stated he intended to do at the beginning of the process.

    Jothem Velez
    January 18, 2023

    Can't talk down quality when it's delivered immaculately! From the service over the phone to installers and techs coming out to make sure everything is working well and running smoothly, this team exceeded all my expectations with going solar. We've had crazy winds, rains and storms, not a leak, creak or drop in performance from these panels. Cloudy days don't seem to bother them either, they are outputting what Covenant said they would and I'm so happy we made the choice with Covenant as our solar provider. I highly recommend them over the competition, I viewed a few other options before choosing Covenant and what won me over is that they take care of everything in house, the are a roofing company so they know what they are doing and them being local means they can provide assistance asap if ever the need. The process does take a bit but once all is settled with your energy company and days are safe for roofers to be up on your house this team completed the work safely, professionally and timely. Looking forward to Sun Energy and easing the load on our grid for years to come!

    Kim Cecchini
    June 16, 2021

    Covenant Roofing is a wonderful business to work with. Their team is highly professional, highly skilled, and extremely hard working! Chip Hicks, my sales person, went OUT OF HIS WAY to make sure everything went smoothly, from ensuring that we had what we needed for the insurance company, to overseeing the job all the way to the end. He kept me continually updated and partnered with the crew to ensure that all was done not only in an expedient manner, but to the utmost quality. I would highly recommend them!

    November 10, 2022

    Where do I even begin. Just to give a short brief. It all started when at first I was going to get my solar panels from a different company starting with E and ending with R. Luckily Mike from Covenant came and said that the other company were about to install panels to a faulty roof. If your wondering how Mike appear, I called my insurance about the roof because i was missing shingles and the other company wanted to put panels on the roof. I rather be safe then sorry so I called my insurance and Mike appeared.So Mike showed my what Covenant had to offer. Not only were the numbers were cheaper by like almost 10k but they even lowered how much I'll be paying monthly for the panels. Not only Covenant did my solar but they even did my roof also at a reasonable price. Not alot of solar companys do both solar panels and roof. Covenant (Marcus and Mike)even helped me get out of my previous contract with the other solar company. I also like the honesty and how much they are willing to help, even if they happened to mess up which is really rare, they will come as fast as next day to fix whatever they messed up. If you made it this far, I would like to say there's a reason why they have 5 stars as a company (at the time of this review). So to wrap this up, Covenant is just a call away and to give them a chance.

    Covenant Roofing and Construction

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    3200 Gresham Lake Rd #113, Raleigh, NC 27615, USA

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