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    Julia Perry
    March 04, 2023

    Contacted this company as it seems they did my roof in the past and since the roof appears to have held up well, I wanted them to make a small repair. They came out to look at what I need repaired and agreed to come fix it in the following days, maybe the next week depending on the weather. The price I was quoted was reasonable and I was fully prepared to pay right away. The guy that came out was prompt and professional. I tried to follow up with them a few times and they left me in the dark. Leaky roof with a promise to repair and nothing. I just wish they would’ve communicated with me properly.

    Adam Diaz
    April 19, 2019

    Beautiful work. From my quote to speed with which all my questions were answered and the rapid work of the installers. They get an A+. They worked very hard and did a great job including cleaning up. Everyone involved also gets an A+ for manners. They were respectful and extremely professional. I wasn't worried about anyone being around my home or children. All that said they worked FAST and we have a beautiful new roof.

    Leslie Carpenter
    January 13, 2018

    I hired this company to re-roof an outside shelter with 5-V tin. The tin was laid out of square, so much so that on opposite corners of the shelter, the purlins were exposed and the front edge of the roof was visibly out of line. This was a small job, but I hired them because I wanted a professional result because of the proximity of the shelter to my home. I contacted the company multiple times regarding the work, but only after I posted an unfavorable review on Google did someone finally come back out to attempt to address the issue. Unfortunately, the fix was not satisfactory as, instead of pulling up the tin and relaying it, they elected to patch the uneven roof line with cut pieces of tin. This did straighten the front edge of the roof line, but the patching is evident at the ends of the roof. I wrote the company via U.S. mail and provided pictures of the work, and following this mail, I did receive a call from the owner of the company who told me that he didn’t believe he could fix the work to my satisfaction and offered to refund my money in full. I received a check for the full amount from the company within a few days. Since the business owner did refund my money, I have given a three star rating. I would rather have a properly installed roof and been able to give a five star rating.

    August 21, 2020

    Terrible experience! Let me begin with I bought a 300k dollar house that just had a 65000 dollar remodel. Only thing left was the roof. Had the choice between many different companies but chose the most reputable in the areas and paid premium money compared for that.. Showed the manager a spot that needed to be fixed and they got started. After 4 days the roof was finished. Time for the final walk through. Out of 7 lines of gutters 5 had damage. The garage door trim had been popped out by the ladder.The one spot I pointed out had not been addressed. The previous owners had just replaced the gutters and fascia on the house. The fascia had 5 different spots where the paint was now peeling back.Confirmed by someone who saw it was from laying shingles over the roof and they grab them which catch the corner seams and peel the paint back. Then 3 days after the roof was complete it rained. Low and behold water was entering upstairs in the attic space and running through the freshly painted garage ceiling and water dripping from the electrical outlet. Not to mention once it rained probably 100 nails washed down out of the gutters. The walk through took place on the June 26th. Told the lady who runs the office maybe Brian Creech just needs to call me personally. Was told they would fix the gutters the spot they did not address and the garage where we now have water bubbles in the paint/Sheetrock. However on the fascia their excuse was whomever painted it did not use the right paint. Which is irrelevant to the roofers damaging the paint on the fascia. Well time went by and on 7/10 we finally had someone come and fix the spot they were supposed to address and did not. Spoke to Brian Creech himself on 7/14.Finally on 7/15 the gutter guy came to replace the gutters. All looked good except one that was so crooked there was a inch gap under the shingles the other side then overlapped the shingles by an inch. At this point the quality of work was just not acceptable. So now the inside of the garage where the water entered had not been addressed but i am going to have someone I trust look at repairing it. The fascia the company deemed to not be there responsibility. Long story short 8500 dollars was paid for a company to put shingles on a house and damage other things that should have not been damaged. Anyone can take this review as they wish but me personally I would not recommend to family,friends or anyone for that matter. Since it will not let me respond to their response why would anyone feel comfortable with a company continuing to mess up their home? Ofcourse I refused to let them come back out. Since then they have refused to take the responsibility all repairs have been made but by a different company.

    Diana Nelms
    September 06, 2021

    I had a new roof installed 01/2020 by another roofing company, and the roof would not stop leaking in multiple rooms of my home. I called the previous roofer numerous times but it was never resolved. I was tired of worrying (occasionally crying) every time it rained. I called Brian Creech Roofing in late 08/2021. Tammy and Oscar came out to my home and inspected my roof and were able to explain and show me exactly what was wrong with my roof. I didn't realize what a complete mess I had! I was able to get a proposal for a new roof during that inspection and it was a reasonable price. They were able to start work soon after I accepted the proposal. The Brian Creech Roofing employees did an amazing job! The work was completed in 2 1/2 days on two structures. It not only looks great but I am saving money as well. I have noticed that my air conditioning unit runs less since they installed the new roof. During this same time, I had a tree hit my building, and they were able to match the shingles perfectly. I can't even tell it was repaired! During the whole installation, Tammy and Oscar were checking the progress and quality of the work provided. After installation, Tammy and Oscar came by and did a final inspection of the work. Tammy showed me pictures from on top of my roof, and I couldn't be any happier with what I saw. They were both very careful to ensure that all debris and nails were cleaned up upon completion. I cannot thank Brian Creech Roofing enough for a job well done and for their professionalism. I haven't experienced any leaks, and I don't have to worry about my roof anymore. Brian Creech Roofing is the best at what they do!

    Brian Creech Roofing,LLC

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