Bossy Beulah’s Winston-Salem

1500 W 1st St, Winston-Salem, NC 27104, USA

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    Angela Roney
    September 02, 2023

    I love the feel of this place it takes me back to my Mom and Dads favorite diner in their hometown. Music was awesome 80s. They have alcohol, seemingly reasonably priced. The fries are fresh! I enjoyed them more than the sandwich, which was just a little flat and not as crispy as I like. (I asked for it crispy as part of the ordering. Also, I ordered online but had to wait when I got there for it to be started, so wouldn't bother with online ordering again) it's a nice place to relax so waiting was an issue it just lengthened my lunch more than I expected. I will be back to try their Mimosas over the weekend for their brunch- chicken and biscuits looked great!

    Deborah Davis
    October 28, 2023

    So disappointed. They have changed their breakfast hours to 9 a.m. without changing their signs or hours posted on Internet. Not good management. Great place for a relaxing Saturday morning. I ordered the chicken biscuit, coffee, and handmade apple pie. Service was first-rate; everyone smiled, friendly, and fast. The chicken may be a bit too spicy (with a lot of pepper) for some and a little too much breading but I thought it was good. Being a country girl I am picky about my biscuits. I think the taste is good however it looked as if the oven cooked the outside perfectly but the inside was flat and doughy. The coffee is good but the handmade apple pie is wonderful. All cost just under $12.

    Jasmine Donegan
    September 24, 2023

    I was really excited to try this restaurant. It has great reviews. I ordered online and chose curbside and I waited in the car with my five-year-old. 15 minutes after I ordered, another family arrived to dine in. My order was supposed to be out at 8:18 but I figured it was late and they needed a few more minutes. I saw two employees come outside. One took out trash and the next moved a sign. By 8:29, I decided to go inside only to see the family that came 15 minutes after me sitting down and eating dinner. When I told the cashier that I had an online order, she said "Jasmine's here." That's when they started making my food. I sat in the car for 30 minutes for food that wasn't even being cooked. The cashier gave me my cups to fill my drinks and then I waited. I didn't complain. I stayed silent and so did they. I kept getting random, awkward glances from the staff until my food was finally done. Then one of the staff handed me my order and she smiled and said, "Yea we don't really have a curbside pickup." I left. I spent $34.24 on two wing meals, and was left waiting simply because the staff refused to bring a meal 4 feet out of the door. As for the food, it was disappointing. It's breaded chicken with salt and pepper on the outside. The fries were fries. The sweet tea was decent. The restaurant is beautiful. That's it.

    Ian Luecht
    September 15, 2023

    Have wanted to try Bossy Beulahs for a bit now, got the opportunity to visit recently with my daughter and wife for dinner. Atmosphere: Very cool vibe located near Wake Baptist Hospital towards Winston proper. Their is a fair amount of seating but still small and quaint inside with some outside seating under a gazebo. It has some cool charm with garage doors that can be opened to make it open air dining. Service: Open kitchen so you can watch the chefs prepare your food which was cool, but the staff was friendly and made sure you had everything needed. Not a full service place but they did bring us our food to the table after counter ordering. Food: Saved the food for last. The menu is very compact and focused, but so very good. There is essentially a chicken sandwich, nuggets and chicken nugget salad with a few side options, but everything was so wonderfully cooked and flavorful. Our table had the nuggets with fries, Cheesy Beaut sandwich (swiss chicken sammy) with fries, Hot Thighs sandwich with side salad, and apple hand pies. The chicken on all items were great, tender and juicy. I personally had the hot thighs sandwich which was a boneless chicken thigh sandwich with pickles and coated in Zack sauce (a flavorful mild hot sauce), so glad I got it. The fries were handcut fries and the side salad was a good size and freshly prepared. The hand pie was wonderful, a definite must try. Overall, absolutely recommend this cool little find. Did want to mention they do sell some craft beers as well.

    mr heggins
    July 14, 2023

    I wanted to provide a higher rating because the food LOOKED amazing but my chicken sandwich had way too much breading (thigh sandwich shouldn't be tough), my wings were undercooked and our chicken tenders were dry. Fries were really good but that's about it. Beulah, Beulah, beulah...

    Bossy Beulah’s Winston-Salem

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    1500 W 1st St, Winston-Salem, NC 27104, USA

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