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October 27, 2020

I wouldn't even give one star if i didn't have too. Made a appointment for my son two weeks ago made it clear that my son was incarcerated and would be escorted by the juvenile justice system to the appointment. Also he may or may not be in shackles. I arrived first checked him in, he arrived 10 minutes later was escorted in, we was told to have a seat and wait. Mind you most places have the guards to bring the juvenile in a back door because most of the time their in shackles. Well he came through front door into the lobby where other patients soon arrived and of course they stared. After about 30 minutes a gentleman came out told us that Dr. Ballinger did not feel comfortable treating my son. When we ask why what was the problem, if it was the restraints the guard said he would remove them. We got the same answer over and over that he just doesn't feel comfortable. Then i was told that the lady that set up the appointment didn't fully understand what i meant by him being incarcerated, basically blaming the receptionist. Not only was we humiliated but now my son has to remain in pain until i can find another dentist.

Katherine Williams
September 22, 2020

I have never been to a group of more unprofessional and unfriendly dentists in my life. These people have no compassion for anyone. Its sad but they know they are going to get paid by the state so they treat all patients like they are the only ones around. Nothing like we care, anywhere

Yolanda Dallas
June 04, 2020

Dr. Ballinger is the best dentist anyone could ask for. I have been been a patient for 5 years and each visit is exceptional! Today was my first root canal and I was terrified, after sitting in his chair it was so quick and ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN at all! I highly recommend anyone to seek his services. He and his staff are so friendly, caring and professional!

Diana Mendoza
February 28, 2020

Before starting treatment they ran my insurance to make sure I had it. They told me and the dental assistant that I was good, so we went ahead with the cleaning. Now, I owe them over $100 because my new insurance did not cover it. Instead of actually making sure I was good they claimed they checked so the assistant could just go ahead. My one star goes out to the dental assistant, she was good. The only positive thing in my Ballinger experience.

Douglas Vanvleet
August 26, 2020

I was not happy, I went in and told them what I wanted done and they told me I would have to follow their treatment plan. I don't believe this is in any way professional. You I would think they would listen to the patient. I was very unhappy with the visit. There was no professionalism there.

Ballinger Famly Dental

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705 Coliseum Dr NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, USA

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